Rivers of Life


Please scroll down to see the entire list of our ministers.  Thank you.

Rev. Rodney Watkins -

Rev. Rodney Watkins

Rev. Carothers  Billingsley -

Rev. Carothers Billingsley

Minister Pamela Watkins -

Minister Pamela Watkins

Minister Karen Billingsly -

Minister Karen Billingsly

Rev. Michael McDaniels -

Rev. Michael McDaniels

Minister Melvin Kenney -

Minister Melvin Kenney

Minister Andrea Kenney -

Minister Andrea Kenney

Minister Shirley Bailey -

Minister Shirley Bailey

Minister Willye Dent -

Minister Willye Dent

Minister Duane Gibbons -

Minister Duane Gibbons

Minister Eula Wade -

Minister Eula Wade

Minister Tony Becton -

Minister Tony Becton

Sister Trina McCoy -

Sister Trina McCoy

Brother Dywayne Hinds -

Brother Dywayne Hinds

Minister Ronald Lambert -

Minister Ronald Lambert

Minister Patricia Lambert -

Minister Patricia Lambert

Minister Dorothy Mazion

Minister Glenn Hand

Minister Carissa Mosley

Minister Daryl Jones

Minister Justin Johnson

Minister Keith Demming

Minister Tina Demming